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About Me

I'm Ty Khan, a passionate indie game developer and software engineer with several years of experience in programming and 3D art. I primarily work with Godot, C#, and Blender, however I also have experience with other industry-standard software. I also have basic knowledge in using Git version control. Additionally, I am always interested in learning new software if a project calls for it.

For inquiries, contact me on LinkedIn, or email me at ty@tyjupiter.com

Software Experience

    Unity (2016-)

    Gameplay, UI, AI, Low-Level Networking

    Godot (2022-)

    Gameplay, UI, AI

    Unreal Engine (2022-)

    Gameplay, UI

    Blender (2018-)

    Modeling, Sculpting, UVs, Rigging, Animation, Rendering

    Maya (2021-)

    Modeling, UVs, Rigging, Animation

Programming Languages

    C# (2016-)

    Unity, Godot, WinForms, Avalonia UI

    Python (2018-)

    Automation, Discord Bots

    Unreal Blueprint (2022-)

    Unreal Engine

    GDScript (2023-)



    Fayetteville Technical Community College (2024)

    Associate of Applied Science